Curating A New Era Of All Things Luxury…

Following a hugely successful career in fashion and retail dealing with all the premium brands to include the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Prada and D&G, Tehmi Parinchy decided to turn her attention to her other passion, interiors – with equal success.

Mazon Interiors and Mazon Flooring, quite simply put, celebrate all things luxury. Interiors that are curated to stand the test of time, whilst also reflecting the mood and personality of a client.

On her quest for beautiful things, Tehmi has put her team together and they have searched the very best the world of interiors has to offer, and if they can’t find exactly what a client needs, they will have it made! Trips with clients to Italy to source a bespoke kitchen that has the appearance of ‘floating elegance’ is an example of how far Mazon interiors will go.

Via Mazon Interiors, the team has taken the hard work out of creating breath-taking spaces, gathering around her an enviable selection of brands that are exclusive to the company outside of London, or exclusive to Mazon Interiors throughout the UK. Be inspired by our website, or step inside our thoughtful showroom to take your creative imagination to another level.

Everything that Mazon Interiors does must be stylish, elegant, exquisite and a true reflection of a client’s wishes. From the finest manufacturers, craftsmen and artisans across the world Mazon Interiors will ensure everything fits together harmoniously…fall in love with your space, fall in love with Mazon Interiors.